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Leading Result-Focused &

First Wireless EMS Studio

in Asia

Power your workouts with smart technology. VisionGym – the leading intelligent gym that integrates the fun of working out with the science of wireless Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) Technology.


VisionGym transforms your workouts with an EMS system in an environment that is safe, inviting and supervised, giving your body full mobility and freedom to push your limits within our smart studio. The brainchild of experienced and passionate gym aficionados who understands the desire to workout despite a lifestyle with too many priorities; VisionGym became the vision for our team to fully augment workouts in order to get the best result in a short amount of time.  


Work out, work smart.

Join VisionGym,The Smart Workout.


Our Services 

Science-based Technology with Proven Results

A highly effective approach using technology to achieve your health and fitness goals that has made animpact to many success stories. Whether you are an experienced gym goer, have never stepped into agym before or are nursing from an existing injury, we have a plan for you.

Our Method 

Make Real Results Happen


Cutting Edge Technology


We find your best partner


Putting your plan to work

EMS has contributed greatly to many success stories. The science behind EMS training goes many centuries back, helping athletes to enhance athlete performance and popular in hospitals and clinics to aid injuries recovery. Time-efficient and effective.

It all starts with you and your VG Trainer. To support your unique and personalised goals, we have paired hundreds of clients with our experienced trainers that know how to design and build a unique program that is specific to you and your goals by combining data from your body fat analysis, fitness assessment, and lifestyle information.

Tracking of your progression and systematically increasing the challenge and intensity of your training to ensure you are continuously making progress. Our trainers will always be in a dialogue with you, ensuring you are on the right path to your goals.

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Only the best trainers for you.

Our VisionGym Trainers 

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