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Best Cutting Edge
Fitness Technology

With the use of Electro Muscular Stimulation, intense total body workouts are carried out within 20 to 30 minutes, stimulating 7 major muscle groups and activating metabolism, and burning calories for up to 72 hours.


Get Active with us!


Don't miss out on the chance to purchase your very own Active suit and work out from the comfort of your own home. Experience the stunning benefits of EMS training at your own time and pace.

Enjoy these add-ons worth up to $375 when you buy an Active suit right now:

1 to 1 online/physical demonstration session 

Comprehensive Body Fat Analysis (U.P $20)

Private Fitness Consultation (U.P $35)

90-days customised Fat Loss Program (U.P $320)


Advanced Technology

Active delivers refined electrical impulses to the muscles via the 18 inbuilt electrodes in the Active suit. These impulses enable the body to recruit up to 90% muscle fibers during each contraction compared to only 40-60% during conventional training.


This increased recruitment allows for faster fitness improvements and a much shorter training time. The impulses from the Active Performance Gear system provide resistance for training which are gentle on the joints. Training intensity is fully adjustable to suit an individual’s training level. 

Active Performance Suit

This training suit has a connection pad located on the right of your waist area for the Active Box to be attached to and it contains special dry electrodes for muscle stimulation. It comes in various sizes for both female and male users. The suits are made with a breathable and skin-friendly material that provides maximum flexibility and high energy conductivity.

Active Device

This component is the command center and the brain of the system. It is used to activate the electrodes of the suit. Specially designed, this sleek and modern device is user friendly and easy to operate.

Active Mode

The Active mode is specially built into the control box to control the training program and training intensity according to the training needs.

Benefits of EMS

Total Body Activation

Faster strength gains and fat loss

Better recruitment of muscle fibers

Improved metabolism and blood circulation

Unique EMS functional workout system

Effective and gentle on the joints

Programmed and produced exclusively
in Singapore

One of the most innovative technology
in the field of EMS training


Your gym on the go

Think of the Active suit as an all-in-one gym you can bring with you everywhere. 

  • Lightweight & Portable

  • Customisable levels of resistance to stimulate weight training

  • Easy maintenance 

  • Suitable for all types of training e.g. functional, strength, cardio etc.

  • Rehabilitation capabilities through gradual muscle strengthening


Our Testimonials


"I always had a dream to hike to the base camp of Himalaya mountains, hence, I started training. However, I injured my lower back in the process. One of my good friend recommended VisionGym & the Active suit to me. Following a customised EMS training programme, my recovery sped up and I also saw a significant improvement in my overall strength!"

— Charmaine, 31

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-16 at 1.20.45 PM.jpeg

"I started training with EMS technology only 3 months ago. Since I've started wearing the Active suit during my workouts, I have made good progress in muscle definition and strength. My body fat has dropped from 12% to 9.8% in these 3 months, and I no longer have to work out as long as before either!

— Robert, 28

More Success Stories.

People from all walks of life can benefit from Active's advanced EMS technology. Regardless of age, gender or fitness goals, Active has helped them achieve what they've always wanted.

We'll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Start working
on your new body with Active.

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