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Visiongym Irene


Assistant Studio Manager

Your discipline and commitment can bring you the goals you want to achieve.

Irene has been in the fitness industry for more than 10 years. She is certified personal trainer and a REHAB Master Trainer as she has a keen interest in exercise rehabilitation and has helped many of her clients improve functionality through her trainings. 


Irene has been using EMS for training her clients ever since she was still pursuing for her Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science. After graduating, she has join VisionGym full-time since then. Irene was also active as a badminton coach through the years and is experience with group classes through the years. She is now focusing as personal trainer to guide her clients to be healthier, focused and achieve their desired results. 

Irene is one of the popular trainers on the team and also one of the pioneer trainers for as long as Visiongym is around. She specialises in helping those who need assistance in weight loss and suffering from injuries to get back on track for all ages up to 74 years old.

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