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Noor’s journey with VisionGym

Noor came to join VisionGym in September 2018 (Happy 3rd Anniversary with us ☺️). Before deciding on joining us she tried many other conventional gyms but it was difficult for her to start off her fitness routine with conventional trainings. This was due to her knee injuries. She was not able to bend her leg fully or do a proper squat as a her knee was causing her a lot of pain and it was restricting her range of motion.

This condition has made daily activities uncomfortable for her. Upon joining VisionGym she was attached with Irene. Irene has ample experience with training clients with unique conditions and she always takes extra care of them at the same time pushing them to reach their fitness goals.

Irene started with assessment to pinpoint the weak areas and curate a training program just for Noor. This allowed Noor to have clear fitness goals and work towards it with the help of Irene. The EMS system enabled Noor to train without loading her joints as there are no physical weights. The resistance provided by the system allowed her to get much stronger and after a few sessions Irene included weights in her trainings to further strengthen her.

After consistent trainings with Irene at VisionGym, Noor’s range of motion and strength greatly improved. Allowing her to squat full range and train without any pain or discomfort. So much so she was able to conquer Mt Fuji exactly 1 year later (6 September 2019).

“My friend recommended Irene to me when I was looking for a personal trainer to help me achieve my personal fitness goals. From the first meeting, I had a positive impression of her. She is confident yet relatable, which puts me at ease right from the start, so I signed up for one year with Vision Gym. After training with her for the past year, my respect for her as a trainer grew. She is able to tailor her training plans for me to achieve maximum results, and constantly motivatest me to do better. She also believes in educating her trainees which helped me a lot during the circuit breaker period as I continue to workout on my own. I plan to continue training with her and has signed up for another year.”

Noor Hudayah


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