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Improve your Fitness 

with Active technology!


Slots Seamlessly Into Your Everyday Life & Routine

Electrical Muscular Stimulation (EMS) technology utilised in Active is a process through which low-level impulses are used to stimulate muscles, forcing them to contract - conditioning & strengthening them. This means that you get results faster despite shorter workouts, leaving you with more free time to engage in other activities you enjoy!


Benefits of Active

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Fast, Visible Results 

Get the most out of your workout with Active! Conventional training only activates up to 60% of your muscles, while Active allows you to engage up to 90% instead. This leads to high levels of efficiency - better results in a much shorter period of time! 

Furthermore, enjoy high customisability with Active with adjustable resistance and intensity for a tailored workout suitable for your level.


Improves Muscle Tone & Function

Achieve total body activation in just one workout session from the comfort of your own home. Target all major muscle groups such as:

  • Chest

  • Back

  • Glutes

  • Hamstrings

  • Quads

  • Abs

  • Arms


Results you can expect!

6 weeks

Average body fat will decrease by around 4% with improved posture

8 weeks

Reduction in waist & hips circumference of up to 2cm, increased muscle size in legs and arms by up to 2cm

12 weeks

Weight loss of 4 to 5kg, reduced body fat of up to 10% and further waist reduction & muscle growth




Emily Tan, 27

I used to work long hours in a sales job and always used the excuse of lack of time to not exercise. Active caught my eye because it doesn't require too much time and promises results. I've never looked back since. 20 minutes 3 times a week and I'm able to stay in good shape!


Jake Lim, 35

As a fitness junkie, I try to stick to a strict diet and workout regime but due to time constraints, it's been hard to keep it up. Active is a lifesaver as I've seen accelerated results while using it - building muscle and losing fat faster than ever. Really works up a good sweat and you feel fantastic after!


Veronica Williams, 31

I personally never believe in any "quick fixes" or "lose weight fast" gimmicks, but Active is the real deal. In less than 3 months of consistent usage, I managed to reduce my waist circumference by almost 3 cm and reduce my body fat by 6%, all while keeping my workouts to less than 30 minutes each! 


You are just ONE click away from your dream body!

As a wise man once said, there's no time like the present. Take that decisive step towards your dream body now with our Active suit and start getting the most out of your workouts! Order your Active suit right now - ready stocks available!

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